Repeat website traffic is very important for any online business whether it’s monetized blog, e-commerce website or anything else that generates income for you. Sometimes generating an initial traffic becomes much easier than maintaining that tempo of the traffic and keep them bringing back to the website next time.

These are 7 ways I could figure out that helps to bring repeat traffic to your website or blog.

These are my favorite 7 methods to bring repeat traffic:

1. Be regular in your posts and make it look like that you follow some schedule. That automatically alarms the visitors that liked your article last time, about the time for post. Creating such schedule will not only help you grow your blog but also shows your visitors how keen you are on updating your blog

2. Make it simple for a visitor to become a regular reader by adding a link to your primary page with a “Book Mark” or “Add this site to your Favorites” script. Most of the readers keep on pulling the websites from their favorite folders. I can certainly gauge the world from my experiences here.

3. “Recommend this post or blog to a Friend” really works to attract more customers and make them repeat customers eventually. This link not only sends mail to the new users but most of the times has option to send a copy to the send himself. If I refer some article to my friend, I make sure that I keep on checking the blog for newer article to refer or just see what’s updated at my favorite blog that I referred articles from.

4. Your blog or website will make a mark on someone’s mind if it’s properly branded. When the reader think about your blog, they should be able to imagine some photo, figure, colour or logo. This will create a presence and feel for your customers and visitors that they are at your site. If you have your website’s or blog’s favicon developed using your logo, that would be great. If you check my website, it has a favicon of Colourful A B C D that says “Learn A B C D of making money online” here :) .

5. Sending unsolicited emails to your mail subscribers if the list is maintained separately! This should be the least expected thing from your for your readers. Give them options to opt out from mailing list for every mail you send to them. Be sure you honor their request and take them off the mailing list. Your readers will certainly not come back if you continue to flood their email box with mails they never wanted in their inbox.

6. Optimize the blog post pages for search engines in such a way that, the product or subject you were talking about in the blog post, if searched your blog post should be appearing in first two pages of search engine. I use this tact many times for the site bookmarks I misplaced and just remember few keywords related to that website.

7. Be excellent in the spelling and grammar used in your blog post! We had talked about this in details in past and most of the readers have found that blog post really useful that many of them started using the tools suggested by me. Use any spell check tool as mentioned in my previous post, but make sure that your post is completely spelling mistake free.

It would be exciting to know your ways to get repeat traffic.